Agenda RustLab edition 2019

RustLab agenda 2019 edition

Lightning talks

Open Sesame! A simple majordomo system built with Rust

Speaker: Antonio Piraino

From C to Rust and back

Speaker: Luca Barbato

An unfair battle

Speaker: Federico Dolce

Machine Learning is changing – is Rust the right tool for the job?

Speaker: Luca Palmieri

Neobuffer: Safe, Lock Free, Cross-Process Channels in Rust

Speaker: Bernardo Meurer

How to write Rust instead of C, and get away with it

Speaker: F. Raynaud, A. Verardi

Asynchronous networking

Speaker: Pierre Krieger

Making life easier with Derive and other tools

Speaker: Anthony Ramine

Writing a Nintendo 64 emulator in Rust

Speaker: Giovanni Bajo

Fearless Security with Rust

Speaker: Diane Hosfelt

Safe and Simple Rust Smart Contracts in NEAR

Speaker: Maksym Zavershynskyi

Syscalls for Rustaceans

Speaker: Gargi Sharma

Adopting Rust by gracefully oxidising web applications

Speaker: Neville Dipale

Deliveroo: Ruby to Rust

Speaker: Michael Killough

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