2nd-4th 2022  

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After two years of online events, RustLab is getting back to the in presence format: what a chance for all Rustaceans to gather here in Italy for sharing techs and experiences again!
Although there will be some safety rules to follow, the pleasure to be together again is priceless. These are the events as we love them!

Blast from the past

Established in 2019, RustLab is the last one of Develer’s renowned conferences “made by developers for developers”, dedicated to the Rust programming language. Although the first edition in 2019 was the only one held in presence, the high level of interest and appreciation for Rust made RustLab a stronghold not just for the Italian community. One of the most liked features of RustLab is the variety and quality of its talks and workshops, accessible to both beginners and experienced developers.

Why participate?


Training will be the guiding principle of this new edition with events dedicated to both junior and more advanced profiles.

Certified experience

We’ll be offering you an interactive, personalized, and certified experience, which will help you improve your skills significantly and boost your career.

International experts

Getting in touch with Italian and international technology experts will give rise to expanding your network and possibly finding the right company to help you reach your full potential.

Stay informed



    RustLab has always been possible thanks to our AMAZING sponsors. They supported us from the beginning and followed us in our growth all through the years. Thanks to them, we can always provide you with the most wanted experts, the best contents and the most comfortable networking opportunities. 

    Sponsorship sales are open until August, 30th. Interested in sponsoring RustLab?

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