Agenda RustLab edition 2020

RustLab agenda 2020 edition

KEYNOTE: A journey through incremental computation

Speaker: Raph Levien


Speaker: Tommaso Allevi

Modern Fullstack with Rust: Writing Reliable Code

Speaker: Cameron Manavian

WORKSHOP: Create a web app with Yew and Rocket

Speaker: Alessandro Pezzato

Transistor, a bitemporal database client

Speaker: Julia Naomi & Otavio Paulino Pace

WORKSHOP: From C to Rust and back: The tutorial

Speaker: Luca Barbato

The state of WASI support in Rust and WebAssembly toolchain

Speaker: Michael Yuan

Rundown of Async/Await

Speaker: Pawan Bisht

WORKSHOP: Create and Deploy your first Rust Web App

Speaker: Mario Garcia

Designing Tide

Speaker: Yoshua Wuyts

Anachro-PC: An Anachronistic PC Architecture

Speaker: James Munns

Getting Started with MongoDB & Rust

Speaker: Mark Smith

Using Rust from JS: a real-life case

Speaker: Nicola Martino

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