Raph Levien

Research Software Engineer @ Google

Raph Levien is a research software engineer on the Google Fonts team, primarily working on GPU font rendering. He’s been actively involved in the Rust community for over seven years, and has worked on pulldown-cmark, the Druid UI toolkit, and other popular crates. He has a PhD from UC Berkeley on the topic of interactive curve editing, and has been involved in font creation and 2D graphics tools most of his career.

Raph Levien
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This edition

Vello: high performance 2D graphics
November 21 2023 - 18:00 (60 min )

The Vello project aims to provide an extremely high performance 2D rendering engine, written in Rust, implemented as a sophisticated pipeline of compute shaders, and using ecosystem crates like WGPU. The design is well tuned to Rust, especially allowing multithreaded generation of scene graphs.

Vello: high performance 2D graphics

Past Editions

Keynote: Ergonomic APIs for hard problems

Rust is great for implementing hard problems, thanks to its combination of performance and reliability. But providing clean, beautiful APIs for that functionality can be a challenge, especially because patterns developed for other languages don’t necessarily translate to Rust.

KEYNOTE: A journey through incremental computation

Incremental computation is at the heart of GUI toolkits and other reactive software. The xi-editor project was based on explicit tracking and transformation of deltas, and, while this approach was efficient, it also proved extremely complex, as are incremental computation frameworks such as Adapton. In practice, many systems rely on diffing the contents, which is convenient but slow.

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