Write yourself a shell

One of the things developers use every day is a shell. It comes in many flavors like bash, fish or zsh.
In this workshop, you'll write your own fully functional shell in Rust using the latest best practices with a focus on idiomatic code, with one caveat: you can only use the standard library (no external crates allowed).
You'll play with I/O, error handling, and syscalls while getting more hands-on Rust experience.

LEVEL: Intermediate

Workshop #2
180 min
November 9th, 2024



The workshop is organized in different blocks:
- Create a shell that can run basic commands
- Add the ability to concatenate commands (e.g. with semicolon)
- Implement shell-builtins (like `cd`)
- Add shell history support (optional)

The workshop is meant to be very hands-on, where participants work on their own implementation while we answer questions. At the end of each block, the teachers show a possible solution and ask the participants to move to the next block.

Everybody works on its own pace:
- Teachers provide solutions that participants who are stuck can use to quickly move to the next block, without being frustrated
- Each block has bonus tasks. Participants who finish the block early can work on them: no need to wait until the next block starts.

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