Vello: high performance 2D graphics

The Vello project aims to provide an extremely high performance 2D rendering engine, written in Rust, implemented as a sophisticated pipeline of compute shaders, and using ecosystem crates like WGPU. The design is well tuned to Rust, especially allowing multithreaded generation of scene graphs.

60 min
November 21st, 2023


The Vello project is extremely high performance 2D rendering engine implemented as a pipeline of GPU compute shaders. Among its goals are to offload as much of the work as possible from the CPU to the GPU, also allowing generation of the 2D scene using multiple threads.
Imaging primitives include gradients, text, images, clipping, and potentially deeply nested blend modes. It is implemented on top of WGPU, a well-supported crate implementing the emerging WebGPU standard on both Web and native platforms, and is designed to interoperate with other Rust projects using the same infrastructure.
In this talk, we will describe some of the technology used to build the engine, how to integrate it into applications, and of course show demos, including Lottie animation playback.

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