Observing Tokio

Async Rust can be hard. Stack traces are meaningless, the debugger changes everything, and sometimes your program just hangs forever. But there are many tools that can help you look inside! We’ll explore how to observe the inner workings of Tokio using Tracing, Metrics, Task Dumps, and Console.

60 min
November 21st, 2023


Asynchronous Rust programming can be a challenging endeavor. Stack traces can be opaque and confusing, the debugger affects everything about how your program is running, and sometimes that program just hangs. In this workshop, we will explore a range of tools that can help you illuminate the inner workings of Tokio, the most popular async runtime for Rust.

Join us as we dive into the Tracing crate, Tokio Metrics, Task Dumps, and Tokio Console. We'll show you how to use these powerful tools to get real-time insights into your async Rust programs and identify issues during development and in production.

You'll learn how to use Tracing to get a deep understanding of what's happening inside your async code, allowing you to trace the lifecycle of each task.

We'll explore the Tokio Metrics crate and demonstrate how to use it to monitor async applications in production.

With Task Dumps, you can analyze a detailed snapshot of the complete async runtime.

Finally, Tokio Console provides a way to observe and troubleshoot running async Rust code interactively.

This talk is perfect for anyone interested in improving their async Rust programming skills, whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer. You'll come away with practical knowledge of these essential tools and the confidence to use them in your everyday work.

Join us for Observing Tokio and see how you can shine a light into the dark recesses of your async program.

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