Hayden Stainsby

Engineering Manager @ HERE Technologies

Hayden is an engineering manager at HERE Technologies, focused on serving real-time traffic information to end users in great detail at low latency (sometimes even using Rust).
He’s a passionate Rust developer and is part of the tokio-rs maintainer team, mostly contributing to Tokio Console and Tracing.

Hayden Stainsby
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This edition

Observing Tokio
November 21 2023 - 12:00 (60 min )

Async Rust can be hard. Stack traces are meaningless, the debugger changes everything, and sometimes your program just hangs forever. But there are many tools that can help you look inside! We’ll explore how to observe the inner workings of Tokio using Tracing, Metrics, Task Dumps, and Console.

Observing Tokio
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