Effective Rocket: building secure, blazing-fast Web apps with confidence

Build secure web applications with confidence using Rocket! Led by its author, this workshop is your gateway to mastering the popular web framework. Learn how Rocket leverages Rust's type system to help you build secure, robust, blazing-fast applications with an unparalleled developer experience.

Workshop #3
210 min
November 19th, 2023


Join our workshop to gain comprehensive, first-hand experience with Rust's popular web framework, Rocket. This hands-on training, led by Rocket's author, focuses on leveraging Rocket's unique security features to develop secure, robust web applications with confidence. In this workshop, you will:
- Build a secure, privacy-preserving health records application using Rocket.
- Leverage Rocket's guards to ensure that you have 100% input validation.
- Leverage _request guard transparency_ to create type-level proofs of request-time conditions.
- Use private cookies to confidentially store data client-side.
- Leverage Rocket's _sentinels_ to catch runtime errors before your application starts.
- Use Rocket's async, real-time, typed streams to live-update client-side data.

No experience with Rocket is necessary, but intermediate or above knowledge and experience with Rust and web development is expected, as is general knowledge of security concerns in web applications. This workshop is not intended to be an introduction to Rust, Rocket, web development, or web security. Don't miss this unique opportunity to harness Rocket's distinctive qualities to gain an upper-hand in building secure, blazing-fast web apps!

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