Sergio Benitez

Founder @ Stealth

Sergio is the author of Rocket, a popular web framework for Rust, as well as crates like cookie, figment, yansi, and version_check. He was most recently at Stanford, where his PhD research focused on operating systems, cryptosystems, type systems, and compilers. He's had the pleasure of working on a range of commercial projects in the past, from designing anomaly detection algorithms at Google, to working on operating systems that run (real) rockets and spacecraft at SpaceX.
He's presently occupied with new projects in the secure operating systems and compilers space.

Sergio Benitez
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Effective Rocket: building secure, blazing-fast Web apps with confidence

Build secure web applications with confidence using Rocket! Led by its author, this workshop is your gateway to mastering the popular web framework. Learn how Rocket leverages Rust's type system to help you build secure, robust, blazing-fast applications with an unparalleled developer experience.

RustLab for the Planet

As a part of our commitment to sustainability, we’re planting “Speaker’s trees” on behalf of our speakers. These trees represent our effort to offset the carbon emissions from their travel. By planting trees, we’re helping to reduce our carbon footprint and combat the effects of climate change. Join us in this symbolic act and help make our conference eco-friendly.

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In Develer we have passion for the new technologies and we offer our clients effective solutions that are also efficient, simple and safe for the end users. We also believe in a friendly and welcoming environment where anybody can give their contribution. This passion and this vision are what we've been driven to organize our conference "made by developers for developers".

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