Rust for Robotics Competitions

We'll use embedded Rust, program real small autonomous robots, and have them fight against each other in a Sumo competition.
This is the perfect way to learn embedded Rust techniques and have a lot of fun in the process!

NOTE: according to the instructor, there will be a coffee break in the afternoon (about 16:30).


In this workshop we will learn the basics of embedded (no-std) Rust development, and see how to use it to program small robots equipped with motors (two wheels, standard differential drive) and basic color and distance sensors.

The fundamental software structure will be simple (and Arduino-style event loop), but we will see how the Rust type system helps when more complexity pops up (hardware abstractions, robot configuration independence, layered states machines...).

We will then put the robots in an arena and have them fighting (with robotic Sumo rules), to check that what we have learned actually works!

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