Pavex: re-imaging what API development looks like in Rust

Rust is a viable language for backend development, but does it have a *compelling* offer?
This talk covers pavex, a new Rust framework for building APIs. It gives an overview of the current ecosystems, its shortcomings (as I see them) and how pavex plans to address them.

60 min
November 20th, 2023


API development in Rust is viable: the key components required to build a production-ready application are available in the ecosystem. But the experience of building an application is far from polished—or curated at all: developers are expected to assemble their own toolkit, one crate at a time. Developers are also often required to master fairly sophisticated Rust concepts to accomplish the most basic tasks, hindering adoption even further.

I firmly believe that Rust has the potential to become a major player in the API development space, but we need to switch gears: what got us here won't get us there. I want Rust to have a compelling offer in this space.

With the vision in mind, I set out to build Pavex, a new Rust web framework. The talk will provide an overview of Pavex's design, the challenges I set out to solve and the current state of the framework.

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