Building the next cloud compute primitive - in Rust

Web evolution from physical to cloud to serverless demands optimal performance and security. The shift to JavaScript isolates calls for high concurrency, low memory use, and maximum performance - ideal for Rust. Discover how we use Rust at Deno to build the future of web infrastructure.


The web is evolving. First we hosted it out of closets, then out of on-prem servers, and now out of public cloud data centers. The abstractions we deploy our code with are changing just as fast. From bare metal, to VMs, to containers, and now to sandboxed JavaScript or WebAssembly isolates. This shift is driven by the ever present need for maximum performance at the lowest cost. Interestingly, all of the latest generation of sandboxed isolates are written in Rust - but why?

Let's explore this while we talk about packing density, tenant isolation, the Linux kernel, and how this all relates to us building the most starred Rust project on the planet in the process.



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