Alberto Schiabel

Software Engineer @ Prisma

Alberto Schiabel (@jkomyno) is a software engineer, consultant, and former startup co-founder.
He is based in Europe, most often in Venice. With 8+ years of industry experience, he is currently innovating open-source and type-safe database tools at Prisma.
With a diverse background in C++, Node.js, and Haskell, Alberto thrives at the intersection of Rust, WebAssembly, and TypeScript.
He enjoys type-safe data sharing, petting cats and exploring new frontiers.
He’s also affiliated with the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Alberto Schiabel
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This edition

Production-ready WebAssembly with Rust
November 19 2023 - 09:30 (180 min )

Is WebAssembly right for you? Join our workshop and learn how to integrate high-performance Rust codebases into JavaScript runtimes, cut down platform-dependent distribution costs, and handle errors. You will also learn limitations, alternatives, and escape hatches.
Become a WebAssembly wizard!

Production-ready WebAssembly with Rust
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