Domenico Salvatore

Software Engineer @ Exein

I’m a software engineer working at Exein, working mainly on [pulsar](, currently interested in low level programming, Rust, functional programming, Linux, IOT and open source.
Often lost myself reading the kernel source code to find an hint on how to do something in eBPF.
Before Rust I was coding in Scala, web services and Spark jobs.
I don’t like One Direction.

Domenico Salvatore
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Past Editions

Tracing the Linux kernel with eBPF and Rust

In the last few years, eBPF opened the way for a new wave of technology built on top of its Linux kernel instrumentation capabilities. We will explain how eBPF works, write some eBPF code in Rust and talk about our journey building Exein Pulsar, an eBPF-based security observability tool for Linux.

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