Alice Ryhl

Software Engineer @ Google

Alice is a core maintainer of the widely used Tokio library. For this reason she spends a lot of time spreading knowledge about how to use Rust. Whenever you search for questions related to Rust, there’s undoubtedly a good chance that an answer by Alice shows up.
She is part of the Android Rust team at Google where she helps with integrating Rust in the Android platform.

Alice Ryhl
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This edition

Keynote: Rust in the Linux kernel
November 20 2023 - 09:30 (60 min )

The Linux kernel is a project with a lot of special requirements on your code, and until late last year, one of those requirements was that you had to use C. Today, this is no longer true, and there are now several Linux kernel driver projects using Rust.

In this talk, you will hear about the experience of using Rust in the Linux kernel, and the journey of building a complex driver.

Keynote: Rust in the Linux kernel

Past Editions

Keynote: Actors with Tokio - a lesson in ownership

Actors are an elegant way to work with shared resources. Furthermore, actors fit together with Rust’s ownership rules very well, and learning how to write actors gives a better understanding of how to write code that the borrow checker likes.

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