Michal Rostecki

Software Engineer @ Exein

Michal is an open source developer passionate about Linux security, blockchain (with emphasis on Solana), cryptography, and using Rust as a tool for these use cases. He helps with building aya-rs.dev, lightprotocol.com and pulsar.rs.
The important part of his engineering efforts is to make it easy to develop Linux security tools in Rust, harnessing the power of technologies like eBPF and LSM.

Michal Rostecki
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Enhancing Rust with BTF debug format support
November 20 2023 - 12:00 (60 min )

In this talk, we will delve into the recent advancements made towards supporting the BTF (BPF Type Format) debug format within Aya and bpf-linker. We are going to explain how BTF is generated, what’s the role of LLVM there and what we had to do in order to generate appropriate BTF information for Rust programs.

Enhancing Rust with BTF debug format support

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