Andrea Righi

Senior Kernel Engineer @ NVidia

Andrea works as a Senior Kernel Engineer at NVidia. Formerly working at Canonical, he is specialized in operating systems, virtualization solutions and performance analysis.

Andrea has contributed to many open-source projects, with a particular focus on the Linux kernel.

He is the author and maintainer of virtme-ng ( and the author of the scx_rustland Linux scheduler (

Andrea Righi
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This edition

Crafting a Linux kernel scheduler in Rust
November 11 2024 - 15:00 (40 min )

In the realm of operating systems, the heart of performance lies in the CPU scheduler: a critical component responsible for managing the execution of tasks on a system.
Playing around with CPU scheduling policies has always been a dream for many kernel hackers and OS enthusiasts. However, such material typically remains within the domain of a few core kernel developers with extensive years of experience.
What if we could bring this dream to life and make it really accessible, thanks to sched-ext, eBPF and Rust?

LEVEL: Advanced

Crafting a Linux kernel scheduler in Rust

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