Niklas Korz

Co-founder @ alugha GmbH

Co-Founder of alugha, the multilingual video platform from Germany. MSc graduate of Heidelberg University. Organizer of the Heidelberg and Mannheim Nix & Rust meetup.

I love to dive into different application fields of computer science and software development. Among others, these include devops, cloud computing, distributed systems, web development, multimedia / video processing, graphics programming, mobile programming and game development. Most recently, I have been indulging in Nix, the functional programming language and package manager.

Niklas Korz
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This edition

Build a Ray Tracer with Rust and wgpu
November 09 2024 - 09:30 (180 min )

WebGPU is the novel graphics standard that makes it possible to implement high performance graphical applications on mobile, desktop and the web.
In this workshop, I guide you through the process of using Rust and WebGPU compute shaders for computer graphics applications whose needs go beyond the traditional rasterization pipeline.
Together, we will write a GPU-accelerated ray tracing renderer from scratch!

LEVEL: Intermediate

Build a Ray Tracer with Rust and wgpu

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