Tamme Dittrich

Embedded Sofrware Engineer @ Tweede Golf
Tamme started out his programming journey with programming microcontrollers (back then still with bad C and assembler) because he got fascinated by the interaction between his code and the real world. He then went on to studying computer engineering and industrial informatics. Shortly after starting his first job he learned about Rust and now uses it daily and likes it because of its robustness.

Now he works as an embedded software engineer at Tweede golf where he builds Rust firmware and gives trainings on how to use Rust in embedded systems and beyond.
Tamme Dittrich
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This edition

Chips don't bite! A fearless introduction to µController programming for Rusteaceans
November 11 2024 - 10:00 (25 min )

Rust is "A language empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software." And that is not only true for normal everyday software. But it also empowers you to delve into more niche areas of software development, such as embedded systems. And on the way it opens up new perspectives for you as a developer. No operating system and little memory might seem scary at first, but the compiler has your back! The ecosystem offers great tools, abstractions, and crates which will help you to blink your first LED (The equivalent of "Hello world" in the embedded space).

LEVEL: Introductory and Overview

Chips don't bite! A fearless introduction to µController programming for Rusteaceans

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