Koen Bollen

Software Engineer @ Poki

Koen Bollen is a seasoned software engineer with a drive for building scalable and robust systems.
He began his career teaching game development in Amsterdam before starting his own game studio. Over time, Koen transitioned into backend development and now works at [Poki](https://about.poki.com), building a platform that serves millions of players and creating tools and services to support web game development.
In addition to his work, Koen enjoys exploring new technologies and creating projects that bring his ideas to life. He is also an avid game maker in his free time, using his creativity and technical skills to develop innovative games.

Koen Bollen
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This edition

Level up your backend with Cucumber feature tests
November 21 2023 - 17:00 (60 min )

I haven't run my backend locally for the past 5 years, and still never ship a broken API. How? Join me at GoLab and learn how to upgrade your test suite with Cucumber feature tests. Make changes, run the tests, and confidently push directly to production. Bonus: you get documentation for free.

Level up your backend with Cucumber feature tests

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