Pierre Avital

Senior Technologist @ ZettaScale Technology

Pierre Avital, PhD, is a core contributor to Eclipse Zenoh, a networking middleware that turns your distributed systems into a single high-throughput event bus (and RPC framework), from a microcontroller with a single BLE interface to the cloud.
After using Rust professionally since 1.28 (in the olden times before async/await), he's decided to make dynamic linkage more friendly for Rustaceans.
He likes dogs, video games, and tricking compilers into doing more work at compile time than they ever wanted to.

Pierre Avital
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This edition

Rust's trait system is a proof engine, let's make it prove us an ABI!
November 20 2023 - 11:00 (60 min )

In this talk, I'll show you how Rust's type system can be abused to build your own ABI in stable Rust: we'll start by making it do algebra, then compute type layouts, and end up with compact sum types. Don't worry, I'll also teach you what an ABI is, and why it matters.

Rust's trait system is a proof engine, let's make it prove us an ABI!
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