Zainab Ali

Functional programmer

Zainab is a functional polyglot and educator.
As well as all things functional, she's interested in the art of reasoning through concurrent systems.

Zainab Ali
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This edition

The currents of concurrency: reasoning with Async Rust
November 11 2024 - 14:00 (40 min )

Reasoning through concurrent systems has always been a challenging task. Poor code can be riddled with race conditions, non-terminating cases and other complex concurrency bugs; and even well-written code can be hard to understand. Async programming is an innovative concurrent programming model that rises to this challenge. In this talk, we'll explore reasoning with async Rust. We'll be introduced to its fundamental building blocks, such as `async`, `await`, `join` and `select`, and learn how to predict the behavior of code written with them. We'll build on these to simplify more complex concurrency puzzlers. Finally, we'll explore different approaches to handling concurrent state and see how they compare.

LEVEL: Intermediate

The currents of concurrency: reasoning with Async Rust

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