Rust Tunisia 2023

Searching for partners and groups interested in Rust, we just met Laabidi RAISSI, a Senior Software Engineer managing the Rust Meetup in Tunisia.
He talked us about some projects he’s working with the Meetup members where Rust programming language is the key. Given also the commitment with the environmental cause of these projects we thought it was an interesting story that deserved to be told at RustLab 2023.

Genesis of the projects

Laabidi RAISSI is a key figure in these projects. Let's hear from his own words how it all started up:

Two years ago I started a volunteering cooperation with the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (ISSAT) in Kasserine (Tunisia). Because of massive migration in recent years, it became very hard especially for poor regions in Tunisia to find teachers in high demand areas (like CS). For that I've been volunteering to give online courses about multiple subjects:

- 2021/2022 two courses: Elasticsearch and Introduction to Rust
- 2022/2023 one course: Programming in Java

In addition to these courses, I've been working with graduating students on their final projects:
- 2022: two projects
       1. Exploring the Raft Algorithm implementation in tikv (in Rust)
       2. Exploring the Apache Arrow and Datafusion and Ballista projects with Rust
- 2023: one project
       1. Learn Rust and Share journey in the Rust Meetup Tunisia

Projects reviews

Eya Derbali and Nour Omri:
"Learning Rust and its ecosystem helped us to understand its core concepts focusing on memory safety (ownership and borrowing), we are impressed by the performance of the language!"

More feedbacks from some other Meetup members:

Adli Bouzidi:
"I developed a real affection for Rust, and I am longing to continue working on it professionally."

Rayen Hasni:
"These tools (Arrow/Datafusion/Ballista) helped me to process data in memory and also execute SQL in distributed environments.
I liked the performance and flexibility of the tools."


We're honored to host Laabidi Raissi and his team at RustLab 2023, where they're going to describe these projects in details and tell us what kind of opportunities are going to set up to work in projects using Rust effectively.
We're going to hear directly from them what kind of human and technical resources the projects need to be carried on and we would like to help them out to get in touch with anyone who may be interested in a cooperation with these projects.

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