Social Events

Social Events

Develer’s conferences are not just a time to learn new things and to consolidate your technical knowledge. We are also pleased and proud to offer you some social events where you can exchange knowledge, experiences and anything else that could be something valuable for both your professional and personal growth, in a pleasant and welcoming environment (and lovely food, which is also something that we Italians are universally known for)!

Gopher’s and Rustacean’s Dinner at Acero Rosso

WHEN: Sunday, 2nd October, 20:00

WHERE: Acero Rosso restaurant

Acero Rosso is the restaurant of Spazio Reale, the company owning the location where the conference is hosted which is also responsible for the conference’s catering service.
After an afternoon spent with the workshops, what about sharing your impressions, praises (we hope many) and critics (we hope few, but they’re always welcome if they can help us to improve our service) with the speakers, the organizers and your fellow Gophers and/or Rustaceans? It’s said that who eats well and drinks well usually speaks well, so here we go!

While you are speaking with the fellow Rustacean you met at the conference, you can have a taste of some excellence of the Italian and Tuscan cuisine. The menu includes:

Coccoli (fried bread) with ham and stracchino cheese;
VEGAN\VEG\GLUTEN FREE OPTION: Potatoes and porcini mushrooms millefoglie (savory pie);

Milanese Risotto (with saffron) and Pici (handmade thick spaghetti) with duck and artichokes ragout;
VEGAN\VEGGIE OPTION: Milanese Risotto (with saffron) and Pici (handmade thick spaghetti) with vegetables;
GLUTEN FREE OPTION: Milanese Risotto (with saffron) and corn flour, rice and buckwheat handmade pasta with duck and artichokes ragout;

Chef’s Tiramisù;
GLUTEN FREE OPTION: coconut or chocolate gluten free cake;

Natural or sparkling mineral water, Tuscan Red Wine PGI “Le Tre Querci”
Illy Coffee

In case you need to get back to Florence, there will be a shuttle service at 23:00. The shuttle will take you to Piazza Montelungo, just in front of the Firenze Santa Maria Novella‘s train station.

There are only 30 seats available for this event and tickets will be on sale until 23:59 of Thursday the 29th, so please hurry up!


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