Spazio Reale

Campi Bisenzio (Florence area)

Spazio Reale kids area

The SPAZIO REALE FOUNDATION complex will host the 2022 RustLab edition. Hosting GoLab and RustLab at the same time, we were looking for a location with enough facilities for the purpose.

Moreover, coming from the last two years of indoor events, we were looking for an open air place. We can enjoy the early days of the Florentine Autumn, when the weather is warm but not too hot as in Summer. The area has also a park with children games. This is an interesting feature for those who want to come to the conference with their families.

SPAZIO REALE FOUNDATION Main Hall will host the major talks. They’ve got also several halls that can host large attendances. It’s a feature we considered in the case – we hope not – that the seating capacity should be reduced for safety in order to respect the social distance. Even getting back to in presence conferencing, our focus is always SAFETY FIRST. We care that everyone can enjoy the most harmless attending experience.

SPAZIO REALE FOUNDATION includes also the ACERO ROSSO RESTAURANT that will be responsible of the catering service. The restaurant has a very fine selection of dishes and beverages to satisfy the most demanding requests. Attendees love our conferences also because there they can taste some of the typical Italian and Tuscan cuisine.

HERE you can find some useful tips to reach the venue.

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