Evento 18 Marzo


Rewriting of a small component from C to Rust

Start time: 18:00 CEST

Duration: 45min

Format: webinar

Where: online

Language: English

Price: Free


Pietro Lorefice

Pietro Lorefice

Embedded Developer


In this first free webinar, we’ll talk with Pietro Lorefice about rewriting a small component from C to Rust. We’ll particularly address the issues of the old implementation and the advantages of the new one.
We’ll reveal how we rewrote it in Rust after a few days of looking for a strange bug in a C code of about 2000 lines, which required some “imagination” with the compiler options. All in one afternoon. Lastly, we’ll see how we solved the problem, gained ergonomics in writing tests, and also saved a certain percentage of CPU load by doing it like this.


  • Shortcomings and pain points of the C programming language
  • How Rust addresses the above pitfalls
  • Why Rust can be useful even for very small components of your system
  • Practical examples from a real-world porting “effort”

Who it is for

Anyone with a basic knowledge of C and Rust



Material required


Certificate of attendance

A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the session

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